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Found Objects from A-Z

17 Jun

While walking along Bardstown Road yesterday afternoon with Christopher I came across a discarded book that I just had to take a photo of, and after adjusting my angle and some helpful suggestions from Mr. Shiner I finally got the shot I wanted. As I was walking away from the book I had a light bulb moment… we should make this a game!

It took us a few minutes to hammer out the rules of the game, because we are both anal like that, but we finally decided that the object would be to photograph found objects along the streets from A-Z. Not necessarily in that order but the first letter of the object we photographed was the only letter that counted, we couldn’t move the object from where or how we found it, it couldn’t be part of the natural environment, and neither of us could photograph the same object. Sounds fun right? It was, until said game  forced us to notice how indescribably dirty Bardstown Road is and how many weird things people discard on the street.

Instead of our usual conversation filled walks we were now on a mission to beat one another to the coolest objects along the street. Picture us crawling around  Bardstown Road, taking photos of objects like cigarette butts and old spoons. I am sure we looked insane. We had a great time until we took a break for lunch, and a downpour ruined any plans we had  for more street crawling.We have decided to make it an ongoing project until we are finished.

More than anything this little game has really motivated me to get back to the photo walks I used to do and the images that I used to love to capture. A while back I decided to focus on portrait work because I was so afraid of it before and somewhere in all that focusing I lost the way I looked at my daily world. I used to spend so much of my time taking photos of everything from nature to architecture and I really still have passion for that, this little game we played just reminded me to make time for it.

I am posting my first “found photo” which represents my “B” find,  and is obviously a book.  If you didn’t get that from the photo we need to talk.


Day 103 – Wild Horses

16 Jul

I know you  hear me talk a lot about my mom going out to take photos with me and I think that is because it was a passion she had when she was younger. I didn’t really know about it until a few years ago when I started really getting into the details of photography and she told me about how my dad bought her a professional camera with several lenses and how she always wanted to take photos of bugs and flowers. She really touched me with her dream because it is how I feel and I wish I had known long ago, just like I am sure she did.

I try to get her to take my camera now when she points things out to me to shoot but she hasn’t taken me up on the offer yet, hopefully one day she will and maybe I will share some of her creations with you. It is wonderful having so much support and it is a lot of fun going out with her driving around looking for memories to capture. My shot for today is not only a day in my photo blog but a memory that my mom and I made together and that is the most important thing in the world to me.

We drove up a road to take a photo of a small church and she pointed out this white horse to the side of the road just galloping around so as we drove back from the church I asked her to pull over so I could try to take a photo. As we pulled over I noticed there were two horses, one brown and one white and they were coming right to me. I got a little nervous at first because there was just a small wire (I am assuming electric) fence and this irrational fear of wild horses crept up on me but my mom reminded me that they weren’t wild horses and they were just curious. They were so beautiful and I wanted to share one of the photos I took. Next time I am taking carrots along with me for the ride 🙂

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Day 44 – When Life Hands You Lemons…

19 May

On to day 4 of my food theme and I have never had this much issues with taking photos. It is very disheartening actually as well as discouraging so I need to regroup and try to salvage this weeks theme and I intend to do my best starting tomorrow lol. I talked with a friend about it tonight and after venting my frustration he gave me some pretty sound advice that I am going to try to follow.

I do however enjoy this shot of the lemons, I like the colors playing off the cutting board and the background and I like the reflection of the lemons in the juice on the cutting board. I am just not jumping over the moon for it.

I am trying to learn how to take photographs of everything. There are some things I know I can take photos of and wow most of you, because some things just have a wow factor. There are even mundane things I think I can give the wow factor to by the way I frame it or edit it. I am just drawing a blank on the food. Is it possible to have photographers block? The whole point of this blog is to learn about myself as a photographer, to learn about my camera, and  to learn about photography so I know there is a lesson in here somewhere and as soon as I find it I will let you know 🙂

Lemons for my Green Tea

Lemons for my Green Tea

Day 11 – Risking Your Life For Your Art

14 Apr

Okay that might be a tad dramatic but drama sells right?

I live off of a very narrow, curvy, relatively busy street and as I was driving home today I saw this entire wall of pink, purple and lavender out of the corner of my eye. I knew it was going to be tricky but I also knew that was what I wanted to photograph.  I was still in my work clothes and heels so there I was with my camera slung over my shoulder traipsing through my neighbors yards until I finally get up the street far enough to actually cross and do a  little trespassing.

This is a shot of the side of the driveway that belongs to the neighbor across the street from me and I thought it was just beautiful. My mother informed me that  the plants were called  Creeping Phlox, I just call it pretty 🙂 There were purple, white, lavender, pink and even a couple of blue blooms that I couldn’t get in the shot. I don’t know if they planted this along the hill of the drive on purpose or if it was a happy accident but it certainly is a wonderful way to start your day.

Once again I used my 75-300mm lens to get the blurred background and I also had it set on CA Mode because I was technically on their property and I didn’t want to hang around trying to find the right setting! I hope you enjoy the photo.

creeping phlox

creeping phlox

Day 10 – Weeds and Wildflowers

13 Apr

I don’t have any new settings or techniques so I hope you don’t find me lazy today, I just took this photo and really loved it so I wanted to share it. I was laying in the grass playing with Bailey and I looked over and saw these wild violets and dandelions in the grass and I said to myself,  “self those are some pretty colors, you should take a photo.” Seeing as how I always listen to my own advice because I am always right I snapped a shot.

I used my 75-300 mm lens so blurring the background was as simple as just focusing on the wild violet in the front and the lens did all the work. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of the colors that creep in after a dull and dim winter and so I will probably be shooting a lot of flowers over the next few weeks, I hope I do not bore you guys 🙂

Wildflowers and Weeds on a Spring Day

Wildflowers and Weeds on a Spring Day

Day 8 – Man, & Mom’s Best Friend

11 Apr

I decided I wanted to work more with the shutter speed priority (TV) setting on my camera today and see if I could do the “panning” technique, and let me tell you I need lots of practice 🙂 From what I understand it works best if the subject that you are shooting is moving vertically in front of you but I am sure as you master the technique this has some wiggle room.

The idea is to freeze the action of the moving subject while the rest of the photo blurs to create the movement in the picture.  First you set your camera up for the shot and  select the appropriate shutter speed for your environment. Secondly, you apply the panning technique by focusing your camera on the subject and then you start to follow with your lens (keep the subject in the same place in your view finder), once it gets in front of you snap the photo while continuing to follow the subject as it crosses your path.

The subject of my photo shoot today was Miss Bailey Addison, my mom’s Yorkie and her 5th child. She is adorable and a little princess just like her older sister and we had a blast trying to get her to do exactly what we wanted so that I could take photos of her. She was surprisingly mindful and I was able to kind of get the shot I was going for. She is mostly in focus while the yard reflects the movement of her running. Like I said I have a lot more practice time to put into this particular technique but it was fun using it for the first time today.

Bailey Addison playing in the yard

Bailey Addison playing in the yard

And of course I had to include one of her portrait shots just because she is so darn cute and was so good to sit for me after a long walk in the park.

Bailey Addison resting in the park

Bailey Addison resting in the park

Day 5 – Michaelson/Kearney

8 Apr

I am kind of cheating today because while I took the photo I didn’t take it today. I was cleaning off all of my memory cards and forgot that I had yet to download the photos I took when I went to see Ingrid Michaelson and Mat Kearney last week and I just had to share. This was not only one of the best concerts I have been to, this is what I would love to do for a living. No, not sing and believe me you don’t want to hear that, but go to live shows and take photographs. I would be happy living my life that way!

Indoor concerts are probably the worst lighting situation for any amateur photographer without those fantastic lenses I covet on a daily basis, but if you can find your settings there are hours of photographs waiting to happen. The only downside is that when you feel like you have the shutter speed just right, the ISO set and are ready to go they change the lighting and you have to start all over again. If you are really lucky you will get a lighting friendly venue that seems to be in tune with exactly what you need including soft white spot lights and every corner of the stage is lit up but if you are very unlucky the whole show will be washed in red lighting like you are walking the streets of Amsterdam.

This is just one of the many shots I got that night because the whole show was filled with “moments” so I hope you guys enjoy this little taste of what I got to see. I imported the photo into photoshop and converted it to black and white because I am a sucker for a black and white photo.

Ingrid Michaelson & Mat Kearney

In case you are interested, here is a video I took of Michaelson singing a cover of “Toxic” It was fantastically hilarious.

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