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Found Objects from A-Z

17 Jun

While walking along Bardstown Road yesterday afternoon with Christopher I came across a discarded book that I just had to take a photo of, and after adjusting my angle and some helpful suggestions from Mr. Shiner I finally got the shot I wanted. As I was walking away from the book I had a light bulb moment… we should make this a game!

It took us a few minutes to hammer out the rules of the game, because we are both anal like that, but we finally decided that the object would be to photograph found objects along the streets from A-Z. Not necessarily in that order but the first letter of the object we photographed was the only letter that counted, we couldn’t move the object from where or how we found it, it couldn’t be part of the natural environment, and neither of us could photograph the same object. Sounds fun right? It was, until said game  forced us to notice how indescribably dirty Bardstown Road is and how many weird things people discard on the street.

Instead of our usual conversation filled walks we were now on a mission to beat one another to the coolest objects along the street. Picture us crawling around  Bardstown Road, taking photos of objects like cigarette butts and old spoons. I am sure we looked insane. We had a great time until we took a break for lunch, and a downpour ruined any plans we had  for more street crawling.We have decided to make it an ongoing project until we are finished.

More than anything this little game has really motivated me to get back to the photo walks I used to do and the images that I used to love to capture. A while back I decided to focus on portrait work because I was so afraid of it before and somewhere in all that focusing I lost the way I looked at my daily world. I used to spend so much of my time taking photos of everything from nature to architecture and I really still have passion for that, this little game we played just reminded me to make time for it.

I am posting my first “found photo” which represents my “B” find,  and is obviously a book.  If you didn’t get that from the photo we need to talk.


Day 233 – Fallen

23 Nov

I think I have told you guys before that my poor mom has basketball players hand size leaves all over her yard and walkway so it is a nightmare to rake them up, but they are quite beautiful. There was a bunch on the ground right by her steps so I got my iPhone out and got as close as I could to one of the larger leaves and took a shot. I love how it turned out and love the detail of the veins and color. I just adore my phone 🙂

Day 214 – Structure For My Life

4 Nov

I was walking to my car today after work and the sky was so beautiful that I had to take a photo. I saw these pretty vibrant buildings across the street so It thought I would get a little but of them in the shot to ass (or add even)  some contrast to the dark clouds and blue sky. I tell you what, having a camera phone really does come in handy at times.

Day 144 – Joshua Tree

26 Aug

Another wonderful day here in Cali but Kim and I realized that a. we can’t work a GPS and b. we can’t work a fancy home theater system 🙂

Yes, we struggled today but in the process of getting lost less than an hour away from home we found the opportunity to stop along the drive and take a photo of a Joshua Tree that fell victim to the latest fires in southern California.

The fires came frighteningly close to Kim’s brothers house and the area it damaged was massive but we found something beautiful along with the devastation in this tree that was budding new blooms.

Day 138 – Demolition

20 Aug

I am leaving for California tomorrow so I am testing out WordPress on my iPhone since I will still need to post my daily blog. I am probably going to try to take the daily photo with my phone and see how that works out.

The shot I’m using today is from a parking lot across from where I work. They recently did some demolition work on this really old building and the building right behind it was left exposed and I think it is quite cool looking.

I wish I had photographed the other building before they tore it down because I love old broken architecture and I guess that is a lesson to me to not put things off.

I will try to stay in touch while I’m gone but hopefully I will be having too much fun to bother 🙂

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