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Found Objects from A-Z

17 Jun

While walking along Bardstown Road yesterday afternoon with Christopher I came across a discarded book that I just had to take a photo of, and after adjusting my angle and some helpful suggestions from Mr. Shiner I finally got the shot I wanted. As I was walking away from the book I had a light bulb moment… we should make this a game!

It took us a few minutes to hammer out the rules of the game, because we are both anal like that, but we finally decided that the object would be to photograph found objects along the streets from A-Z. Not necessarily in that order but the first letter of the object we photographed was the only letter that counted, we couldn’t move the object from where or how we found it, it couldn’t be part of the natural environment, and neither of us could photograph the same object. Sounds fun right? It was, until said game  forced us to notice how indescribably dirty Bardstown Road is and how many weird things people discard on the street.

Instead of our usual conversation filled walks we were now on a mission to beat one another to the coolest objects along the street. Picture us crawling around  Bardstown Road, taking photos of objects like cigarette butts and old spoons. I am sure we looked insane. We had a great time until we took a break for lunch, and a downpour ruined any plans we had  for more street crawling.We have decided to make it an ongoing project until we are finished.

More than anything this little game has really motivated me to get back to the photo walks I used to do and the images that I used to love to capture. A while back I decided to focus on portrait work because I was so afraid of it before and somewhere in all that focusing I lost the way I looked at my daily world. I used to spend so much of my time taking photos of everything from nature to architecture and I really still have passion for that, this little game we played just reminded me to make time for it.

I am posting my first “found photo” which represents my “B” find,  and is obviously a book.  If you didn’t get that from the photo we need to talk.


Day 23 – Return of the Village People

27 Apr

This is the second day of my week of shooting just people and I already want to switch to something else! If you photographers out there have any advice on this please lend a girl a hand 🙂 I love people, I just don’t love photographing them unless they are totally unaware and I can capture those moments when they are just being themselves.

These girls however made my whole entire day! They were sitting on a wall in front of the record store (ear X-tacy) on Bardstown Road having a grand ole time yelling at people in passing cars, dancing on the sidewalk, and generally just enjoying life. I had to turn around and go back to take a photo of them, crazy head adornments and all. They reminded me how important it is to just have fun and of course as soon as the camera was pointed towards them they turned into sassy little teens 🙂 I wish I had been able to just stand there and shoot them without posing for the shot but the street was very busy and I had to move along.

I hope they make you smile as much as they made me smile.

Return of the Village People

Return of the Village People

Day 15 – Joey and Janice’s DAY OF FUN!

19 Apr

While I am not Janice, and Christopher is not Joey,  you “Friends” fans get the picture right?

Christopher and I had a splendid afternoon filled with shopping, food, seeing a movie, and more photo adventures. First off I have to shout from the rooftops about the deal that I got at Murphy’s Camera on photography and Photoshop CS4 books. They didn’t have what I went in there for today so I was browsing around and came across these books on the counter that I thought were just there to look at, it turns out they were for sale by the owner who is a photographer. I got 4 books that retailed at over $120 for $17, how ecstatic was I!!

After some awesome pizza, seeing “Kick Ass” and some quality time at Starbucks we headed to this very eclectic and artsy neighborhood in Louisville to walk around and take some photos. I know I always break the rules of this blog and post more than one photo but I don’t care and I am going to do it again tonight 🙂

If you get a chance, go see “Kick Ass” as it was quite hilarious, if you live in the Stonybrook area check out Old Chicago for some delicious deep dish pizza, and if you did not get the reference for the title of this blog go rent “Friends” immediately.

Deep Dish Pizza at Old Chicago

Deep Dish Pizza at Old Chicago

Outdoor Dining on Bardstown Road

Outdoor Dining on Bardstown Road

Seating Along Bardstown Road

Seating Along Bardstown Road

Random Window Along Bardstown Road

Random Window Along Bardstown Road

And this final photo is a “Just Because” photo. We had just parked and started walking up the street when this guy pulled up to the light. I started scrambling to get my camera out because I just couldn’t believe this was on the road and in true car enthusiast form, as soon as he saw the camera he opened his door to pose a little and continued to drive up the road like that for me to take several more shots. My motto is “everybody’s gotta be doing something”

I am not sure what to call this :)

I am not sure what to call this 🙂

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