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Day 365 – The End

4 Apr

Let me warn you in advance this is going to get wordy!

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to end this blog… should I save a “wow” photo for last, do a collage of my favorites from the year, do a self-portrait, and on and on I asked myself. I finally came to the conclusion that it should be about thanking all of you that have went on this journey with me. My final 365 photo is a collage of shots from my everyday life that spell out the words thank you because that is really all I have left to say. (My first thank you should go to my friend Whitney for inspiring the idea)

I can’t believe it has been a year and I have very mixed emotions about it coming to an end. On one hand I am so happy that I am not obligated to post a photo every single day because there were days where  I ended up posting anything I could take a shot of and it seemed like such a chore. I have such an obsessive personality that I couldn’t allow myself to miss one day.  On the other hand I have learned so much through this process about photography and myself,  and I have made so many amazing friends.

Although this project is coming to a close I am not going anywhere (I know you are all breathing a sigh of relief :)). I will still post and continue to share my photography with those that are willing to continue to support what I am doing. I will most likely turn this into a project 52 or as Christopher suggested turn this into ‘Mindy’s Any Damn Time I Want To Photo Blog’. I have enjoyed sharing with you guys far too much to stop completely and as you may have guessed I have no intentions of putting down the camera any time soon!

I can’t end this journey without saying thank you to many different people starting with my mom, Beth and Christopher who went out with me on so many photography adventures. You three have supported all my crazy behavior and obsession throughout this year and love you to pieces for always being there for me in every way possible. I will never be able to thank you enough.

To my friends (Kim, Jackie, Bonnie, Lecia, Jennifer, Susan, Thomas, Shari, Barbara, and many others)  that have been so supportive with encouraging words, a pat on the back, leaving me comments on fb to let me know you are there, posting  all of my tweets, or sharing your own blogs and taking the journey with me. You have all been such an important part of this year for me and I am so grateful.

To the many photographers that I found through twitter who have both inspired me and helped me through this process. I consider you all friends now and I am so grateful to have stumbled across your pages and had the opportunity to learn from you and build a friendship. It will take too long to list all of you but you know who you are! Most of  them are listed on the side of my blog  so GO CHECK THEM OUT THEY ARE ALL AMAZING!!! Yes that warranted all caps (Rob don’t kill me lol)

Cathy you are definitely my kindred spirit and I am amazed by you every day!

Paul & Jon I definitely want to be like the two of you when I grow up!

DPixel and Dana, the two of you have definitely made me smile throughout the entire year and the work that you do has inspired me to no end!

To all my friends that came here on a regular basis and left such kind comments, I can’t even begin to say thank you. You made the days when it felt like a chore worth it and I am so grateful that you guys took the time out of your life to share in mine. You have been so supportive and kind and I have no words to express what that has meant. I have found friends all across the country and a few outside of the country through this process and that has been the best gift. Again, you all know who you are so I won’t make a huge list but I will mention you again Miss Barbara because your words have especially stood out to me and meant so much.

So as one door closes I say thank you to all of you for so many reasons and I look forward to sharing the next chapter with you!



Day 364 – Then There Was One

3 Apr

I have one day left. WOW! I will save the words about that for tomorrow.

I have had very little opportunity to take photos this weekend since I haven’t felt well but I did manage to pull off the side of the road today and capture this broken down old building. I don’t know what it is about abandon buildings that attract my eye but it has definitely been a constant in my blog.

I promise to catch up on all of your blogs tomorrow 🙂


Day 363 – Hard at Work

3 Apr

Still sick, being sick is stupid.

I am so exhausted that I can’t think straight but luckily for me Christopher is hard at work and trying very patiently to teach me CSS and how to use WordPress as a CMS. He really is a tiny genius (my humorous play on words considering he is 6’3 lol)  I am quite impatient and easily irritated when I am feeling ill so it takes a special personality to even be around me much less try to teach me something I am so resistant to learning. I really wish I could learn by osmosis, I would be much smarter if that were possible 🙂 Having said that, I DID learn some stuff tonight so to that I say yay me!

It was such a gorgeous day here that I wish I had felt up to driving around taking photos. The sky looked like something out of a painting and I have been kicking myself all night for not getting at least a few shots in, but it is what it is huh? Maybe when I feel better I will get another day like today and I can go nuts with the camera. I think the photo I did take pretty much sums up the day so in the end it worked out.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with me on the weekends even though you all know I won’t be around to reciprocate the love until Monday 🙂

Christopher Shiner

Day 362 – Beauty

1 Apr

I had to come home early from work today because I wasn’t feeling well. I am completely exhausted and drained, I think from worrying. As soon as my head hit the pillow I feel asleep and while I still feel under the weather the sleep helped

Despite feeling ill I had to go to a meeting with my mom that I couldn’t postpone and on the way home the sun was behind this huge cloud and the rays coming through were just beautiful. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me so my cel phone had to substitute. The world around me never ceases to amaze me and I am grateful that I got to share that moment with my mom.

Day 360 – Periwinkle

30 Mar

I had to take this with my iPhone on my way out of work because I just didn’t have time to take the camera out today. I don’t think I will be much use until I get my mom to the doctor and they tell me everything is ok 🙂 Thank you ALL again for your kind words and support.


Day 359 – Broken Window

29 Mar

Thank you ALL for the words of support about my mom and for sharing your personal stories. I shared each post with my her and they really seemed to hit home. Barbara yours in particular actually made her stop arguing with me and say “oh my.” So I am happy to say that I conspired with her co-workers and basically forced her to make an appointment and she will be going to see her heart doctor on Thursday.

She let it slip that she down played the pain in her chest and tried to pawn it off on a cold she has had for a few days so I think I am going to try to take off work and go with her to make sure he gets the whole story. She is a stubborn woman but the big battle has been won and we are getting her in to see what is wrong. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have that first step out of the way and I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words. It means so much to me that you have not only supported my blog but that you have all become my friends!

I took a quick shot while driving down the road today because I am really been a little too preoccupied to concentrate on my photo blog and this is what I came up with 🙂


Day 358 – Coffee Break

28 Mar

Today has been a long day. I woke feeling a little under the weather and I didn’t sleep well either. I had dreams all night about being thirsty, how strange is that? I remember that every two minutes in my dream I had to get a glass of water and by the time I woke up I was exhausted from running around looking for things to drink. It is so odd how a dream can affect your day because even though you slept the entire night you do not feel like you got any rest at all.

In addition to that I have been very worried about my mom. If you read this blog at all you know how much I love my family and my mom means the absolute world to me. She had stints put in her heart several months back and they told her that the chest pains she had been having should disappear completely. Well they haven’t and she is being so stubborn about going to see the doctor. She keeps saying “I only have to go once a year!” and I keep trying to explain that is only the case if she is feeling fine. My mom never complains and before this happened she could run circles around every single person in our family. Now, even though she doesn’t complain I can see the pain on her face if we walk too much or too fast. I can see how exhausted she gets and she tries not to let anyone know. I am very worried and have recruited my sisters to annoy her until she agrees to go to see the doctor or we are going to make an appointment for her and escort her in. She gets really annoyed with me for bugging her about it but if it means keeping her around for many many years she can be mad at me all she wants.

Thanks for listening to me go on and on. Sometimes we just need to get things out to deal with them and oddly enough I feel much better.

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